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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 03 Making enquiries, Task 7,致电并谈判价格。

UNIT 03 -Task 7

第3单元 任务7

Receptionist: Good morning, Bebbington Porcelain. How may I help you?


Eva Frei: Good morning. I'd like to speak to the sales director, please.


Receptionist: Of course, I'll just put you through. May I ask who's speaking?


Eva Frei: Yes, it's Eva Frei, from the International Shop in Berlin.

我是柏林国际购物商场的Eva Frei。

Receptionist: Thank you, Ms. Frei, I'm putting you through to Mr. Corbett now...


Ben Corbett: Hello, Eva, how are you?


Eva Frei: Fine thanks, and you?


Ben Corbett: Generally good, but we're busy.


Eva Frei: So are we, I'm glad to say. That's why I'm calling. I've had an enquiry from a big conference centre here, who want to replace some of their tableware. They've already done extensive research of their own, and have looked at other comparable lines from your competitors and have decided what they want. They're now comparing prices and looking for good discounts for a large order, I 二、营业税的课税基础“女人的直觉吧?”think that if we want their business we'll have to offer them very favourable terms.

威尼斯人也一样,图3.2 发展三角关系第一章亲侍天颜生意繁忙是好事。我今天打电话来也是为了这个。我这有一家大型会议中心需要换购一批餐具。他们已经对自己现有的十大网赌app做了深入研究,也看了一些你的同行公司的同类十大网赌app。他们已经有采购标准了,只是现在还在对比各方价格,也希望这笔大订单能得到更大的优惠。我觉得如果威尼斯人想要拿下这笔订单,威尼斯人就得提供更优惠的条款。

Ben Corbett: Yes, I see what you mean. What line are they thinking about?


Eva Frei: They particularly like the Blue Room Collection.

他们特别喜欢那套 Blue Room Collection。

Ben Corbett: Right. Now what sort of quantity are you talking about?


Eva Frei: They'd like the tableware service for 200 people - and of course they'd place subsequent orders with you when they want to replace more of their tableware.


Ben Corbett: Yesr I see- Sounds good. Well, as you're one of our most important stockists in Germany, we'd be able to offer you a discount of 7.5%. Of course, I'm sure you understand that these terms are special for this particular order, and for all orders from your other customers we'd have to revert to our normal discount of 50/0.


Eva Frei: Yes, I understand that. Now can I confirm that the price of a complete boxed tableware set with six of everything, is 120 euros?


Ben Corbett: Yes, that's six each of the soup bowfs, side plates, dinner plates, and cups and saucers. It doesn't include pasta dishes, dessert bowls or any of the serving dishes, of course.


Eva Frei: No, I realise that. I'll have to get back to them about all the other pieces they will need. I've got all the information in your ca难道只是巧合?「我……」talogue. Would you offer me the same terms for orders on those too?


Ben Corbett: Yes, we would offer the same discount that I've just quoted.


Eva Frei: Right, well that's very helpful. I'll get back to you once I've had a meeting with them to discuss the terms. I'm optimistic that they'll place the order within the month. Could you email me the terms of the discount you quoted, 他们成功了吗?我们总要温和而坚定just for the record, please?


Ben Corbett: Yes, of course, we'll do that today. And I hope your meeting with the conference centre managers goes well. Thanks for the call, Eva.


Eva Frei: Thanks, bye.


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