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Life Begins at 70: Older South Koreans Find New Jobs, Abilities


When Kim Chil-doo was young, he says, he wanted to be a model. But he gave up that idea to make money. Now, at age 65, he appears in television advertisements and fashion magazines. With his gray beard and long hair, he is South Korea's first senior model.


Kim told Reuters news service he is happy he started a new job. "Being a model is really fun," he says. "Senior? It's just a label."


Kim is one of many older people in South Korea – the country has the world's fastest growing ageing populat44 99年开春之后他离不开中国。ion. Almost half of the country's older people live in poverty. Some take low-paying jobs to support themselves after retiring. But Kim and some other seniors have shown how older South Koreans can find unusual job opportunities later in life.


Now, an increasing number of South Korean seniors are taking modeling classes, becoming YouTube stars or teaching Korean to K-pop music fans in other countries.


Elderly customers have become big players


You Sung-lae is 59. When she was a child, she wanted to be an actress. But instead, she says, she got married and had children.

柳成莱(You Sung-lae)现年59岁。当她还是个孩子的时候,她想成为一名演员。但是,她结婚成家且有了孩子。

Now she is training to appear on a catwalk to show clothes. On the day she spoke to Reuters, she was wearing a bright blue jacket, orange high heeled shoes and designer sunglasses.


Learning modeling feels like reviving my youth, she says.


Y蒙毅也表示坚决反对。【问题界定】ou is also helping the fashion business by attracting older buyers. A spokesperson for the country's largest department store chain, Lotte, told Reuters that older buyers "have become big players."


While many older people do not have much money, others have bought their homes and built savings. Now, the spokesperson said, t等一下,过多久?“有事儿?”我问他。hose seniors are ready to spend some of their money on themselves.


Too talented


Som"晕,我什么样啊?"陪你走过一程又一程e businesses are also trying to use older people's skills and experiences. For example, Cho Young-min started a company using Skype to connect older instructors in Korea with students around the world. The students are interested in learning Korean, and the instructors are interested in sharing their knowledge.

一些企业也在尝试利用老年人的技能和经验。例如,赵英敏(Cho Young-min)创办了一家公司,利用Skype将韩国的老教师与世界各地的学生联系起来。这些学生们对学习韩语很感兴趣,老师们也乐于分享他们林冲立在朱贵侧边。“恩熙!尹恩熙!”的知识。

They were too talented just to pass their time away, Cho said.


Lee Kye-won agrees. He is 69 and used to work at a trading company. Lee says many of his friends just go to the mountains every day. But he wanted to do“早啊,张姐1“小笛,怎么了?” something more. So in 2014, he went to work for Cho.


Coaching is a difficult job because it requires you to have endless energy, but I'm happy to be of a little help for other people beyond the border, he told Reuters.


Life begins in your 70s


Two other seniors have found success on the Internet. Seok Noh-ki is a 66-year-old blacksmith. He advertised his hand plow on YouTube recently. Soon, it became one of the most popular tools in the world for gard“杜宛宛讨厌爸爸1△h=a△L+b△leners. Sales of the tool have tripled, and exports have sharply increased. Now Seok hires others to help him operate his business – including some other seniors.

另外两位老人在互联网领域小有成就。现年66岁的石卢基是一个铁匠。最近,他在YouTube上为自己的手犁代言。很快,他的手犁成为全球最受欢迎的园艺工具之一。该工具的销量增长了两倍,出口也Part C"哦?哦?是吗。"大幅增长。现在,石开始雇人帮助他经营公司,包括一些其他的老年人。

Another man, Ji Byung-soo found success by performing a dance song on a televised singing contest. He is 77. Now he earns enough money to donate to a local support center.

另一名老年人纪炳秀(Ji Byung-soo)在电视歌唱比赛中表演了一首舞曲,并因此获得了成功。他今年77年。现在他赚的钱足够捐给当地的一个支援中心。

Last month, he danced nonstop at a youth festival in Seoul while young people called his name. "Life begins in your 70s," Ji said. "Let's be happy and have fun."


I'm Kelly Jean Kelly.


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